Save R Cats - Refused to give my pet back!

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My cat has been lost for almost 2 months now.I made flyers and sent out messages and photos to my friends on various social media sites trying to find him.until finally one of my friends found him at a local adoption center for cats called save-r-cats.I went in the next to get him in complete excitement and was willing to pay adoption fees of need be.

But the lady in charge refused to give my cat back to me.

She claimed that I was abusing him.I went on to tell her that if I were abusing I wouldn't care about his well being.needless to say I walked out of there balling and still with out my beloved cat.I'm beyond sad and beyond angry.

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I volunteer with three animal rescues in Myrtle Beach.When adopting out kittens and cats, it is the policy that certain conditions are agreed to by the adopter.

One very important one is, not to let your cat outdoors. It must be an inside pet only. There are dangers to cats being outdoors, they can be killed by a car, abused by someone who hates cats, attacked by other cats, dogs, racoons, possums and if there are woods nearby, fox. These animal rescues are trying to protect the animals.

If your cat was outside and lost for weeks, you are not a good pet owner. That is why you did not get your pet back.

They want the pet to go to someone who will protect it and not lose it like your did.People just don't understand the dangers of letting your pet roam outside.

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